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Ответ к посту #Bratishkin преодолел планку в 1.000.000 фолловеров 🔥🔥🔥 Dizzy Dizaster: 1 million bratishkin subs 😳😳😳😳15 мая в 04:34


Ответ к посту #DizzyDizaster сейчас будет отмечать 7-летие своего Twitch-канала 🎉 Dizzy Dizaster: Thank you for your kind words :)1 августа в 04:35


Ответ к посту #DizzyDizaster высказался по поводу американских протестов 🇺🇸 Dizzy Dizaster: There is far too many people focusing on skin color for me to respond in a calm manner to this post. If skin color makes your decision, I feel bad for you. This is all I will say on the manner. If you don't want to believe the Police are out of control in my country because you saw different things in your news, I cannot convince you. If you wish to hear more, I posted it all already on my page and with my discussion with ItPedia Thank you for posting my side of the story here as well.2 июня в 12:53